Monday, February 6, 2012

Betsy in Fall

 I haven't posted in a while but with good reason- I moved to Watertown right before Christmas. Needless to say life's been hectic here. But I have been making good creative use of my time. I set up my first ever studio/office for my art, sewing, blogging, scrap booking, and whatever other creative outlets I can find. So here's my first finished painting of 2012 done in my new art space. Also, I might add, the first ever painting singed Amy Janovitz :)

Sorry for the poor quality photo, I'm terrible at photographing my paintings. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Product Review: Cleansing Brush

Everyone's been talking about the new cleansing brush systems. If you look at Sephora they can run up to $200, or at CVS they are as cheap as $19.99. Since they seem to be all the rage right now I decided to try one out and tell you what I think. Of course I went for he CVS $19.99 option, I'm not going to spend a fortune on trying something out.

Features: Two speed rotating head, water resistant for use in the shower, comes with an extra brush head and a set of AA batteries. The only thing I was disappointed with is that it doesn't come with any sort of case or holder. 

To use the brush you simply wet your face and apply cleanser, then wet the head of the brush and turn it on! I used the faster setting because I felt like it would do more exfoliating, but the slower setting is good for sensitive skin. The bristles are very soft, not scratchy, and easily glide over the curves and creases of your face. I found that going slow, even holding it still in some areas, and applying light pressure worked best. Think of it like an electric toothbrush. And don't forget to do your neck ladies!

Overall I am very impressed. My skin feels smooth and polished but not at all raw or irritated. 

Tip: for soft hydrated lips, lightly go over your lips while brushing your face in the shower. After the shower apply Aquaphor to your lips. So smooth!

I give this product an A! Totally worth the 20 bucks.